Q: Is ZIPMIN only for Formal meetings like AGM’s?

A: NO, ZIPMIN is designed so that the functionality that is required, is available for your meeting. The admin pass holder will determine most of the functionality, when the meeting is set up. As an attendee most of the view on the dashboard will be the same for either a tool box meeting or large AGM. The session will either just be a name/ description to prompt the attendees discussion and allow the minutes and notes to be taken. Otherwise if there is a more formalised meeting, the session mini-site expands to show all of the required materials.


Q: What is an admin pass?

A: An admin pass is a higher level access pass, that allows that person to set up the teams, agendas, sessions, take the minutes and send out the minutes. Depending on how many teams that your business requires will determine the number of admin passes. There isn’t a limit to the number of admin passes that a business can purchase, as ZIPMIN believes that you know your business better than anyone else and the pathway to success.


Q: What is the difference between invitees and attendees?

A: The differentiation between invitee and attendee, is simply not all invitees may become attendees to the meeting. ZIPMIN, has an attendance reporting tool, which records who was invited and who attended.


Q: Where can I access ZIPMIN?

A: ZIPMIN is a cloud based software package that can be accessed anywhere on any smart device, PC or Laptop that has an internet connection or WIFI connectivity.


Q: Where in the Cloud is ZIPMIN Hosted?

A: ZIPMIN is hosted in an Australian platform and not on an American server. The hosting company also has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Q: Can ZIPMIN be used for professional development?

A: ZIPMIN is based on Teams, Sessions and Meetings, this allows training programs to be developed and delivered as an open training forum, for staff and other invited guests. ZIPMIN, allows learning, training and reference to documentation, whenever the course attendees wish. Businesses can also track training records of staff, within ZIPMIN’s attendance logs.